19th - 22nd Sep 2017

Shahre Aftab International Exhibition Center

Workshop & Symposium

China Sourcing Workshops

Ying Xiuzhen

Vice president, China Base Ningbo Group
General Manager, China Base Ningbo Foreign Trade Co.,LTD.

Ying Xiuzhen, the top talent of foreign trade corporation for management, has been working for foreign trade for over 30 years.
China Base Ningbo Group, one of the China’s Top 500 Companies, is engaged in import & export, trade logistics, and automobile sales & service.

Hossein Khalifi

General Manager, Iran To China Co,.LTD.

Hossein Khalifi is a successful iranians businees who opened his own company in shanghai,and do the tradeing business with top Chinese companies in the last 10 years .

Seminar Timings:
19th Sep to 22nd Sept. Daily
10:30 am — 11:30 am  
13:30 pm — 14:30 pm
Seminar Venue:
Shahr-e-Aftab International Exhibtion Center
(the subway is working during Made In China Fair open days)

Join us as a speaker

The main objective of each workshop session is to bring together academics, practitioners, policy makers and other stakeholders in the sourcing and investment environment in order to share experiences and feedback on development challenges to the benefit of all. This would enrich their knowledge and sharpen their skills to face future challenges.

The workshop scales up to a platform for Chinese government officers and entrepreneurs to communicate with those from MENA, so that they would know each other and see potentials.

Here are examples of the workshops, if you have suggestions for new topics or would like to be a speaker, please let us know.


As China's sourcing environment evolves and becomes increasingly sophisticated and complex, importers need a strong on-site sourcing infrastructure to manage their supply chain, to maintain their competitive advantage and to protect their interests. Years ago, companies always focused on "3 essentials" to help their clients minimize costs, increase quality assurance and obtain timely deliveries. Right now, it's not enough; importers need even closer, more direct interaction with factories and better control over their suppliers. They need a professional sourcing office keenly aware of the challenges, opportunities and requirements of the China supply chain. If you have a unique, fractional and scalable approach to sourcing management, join us and be a guest of honor.


To the perspective of local people, a short guide to doing business in China is warmly welcomed, where a few cultural facts and their influence on business culture and etiquette are explored. These are in no way meant to represent a comprehensive summary of tips on doing business in China but to highlight some key areas that some may encounter.

When meeting with Chinese people for the first time, a lot of manners matter, such as confucianism, meeting & greeting, gift-giving etiquette etc. Above all, be patient and never show anger or frustration. Practice your best 'poker face' before negotiating with the Chinese.

If you are good at doing business with Chinese people, may it be Chinese people or local people, join us and share your valuable experience with us.


Iran is one of the major oil producers and exporters in the world. It is one of the founder members of the organization of petroleum exporting countries.

After having settled Iran interim, Iran reached an agreement with the US, and it is now again open for business. Doing business with Iran is one of the best ways to make lots of huge revenues especially with the trade sanctions lifted.    

As the largest trade partner of Iran, a growing number of investment projects of Chinese enterprises and individuals increasing investment, promoting the rapid development of bilateral economic in Iran.

Iran is the second-largest nation in the Middle East and the 18th largest in the world. The Middle East is made up of 16 Countries with a total population of over 395 Million and a combined GDP of $4.25 Trillion!

If you are familiar with the origins of the investment Law in Iran, the judicial precedents even basic principles. Or if you are expert on South Africa market, do not hesitate to contact us and have a presentation during our workshop.

If you are the right one, do not hesitate to contact us. Send your resume and company profile to Miss Luna (2853922988@qq.com) we'll reach you as soon as possible. If you are lucky to be chosen as one of our

speakers, we'll provide some promotions like advertisement or publication on our official websites or even free stands.

We look forward to seeing you at workshop in Iran.