26 - 28 Sep 2018

Tehran Goftegoo Park

Success for Chinese investment in Iranian gold

At the Iran Sharaf Abad gold project, the processing capacity of raw ore recently exceeded design scale and was expected to increase. Xinhai Mining reports that “since its launch in August 2017, this project has received high praise from customers, local government and industry insiders. The brand image of Xinhai Mining was comprehensively promoted in the Middle East mining market.

“Iran Sharaf Abad gold ore dressing project of Iran Jinkaiwang Mining Limited, dominated by Jiangxi Geology & Mineral Exploration Bureau, is located in East Azerbaijan, northwest Iran. Since its launch in September 2016 to production in August 2017, this project created “four first” of Iran mining industry, namely the gold project that put into operation within a year; The first mining company that controlled by Chinese in Iran; The only one gold project adopted cyanide-free and environmental separation process in Iran; The complete set of equipment was manufactured by Chinese enterprises and non-tariff barriers.”

Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment undertook the mineral processing EPC service for the Sharaf Abad gold ore dressing project, including dressing test, mine design, equipment manufacturing, installation & commissioning, standard reached. And Xinhai finally adopted “stage grinding – a stage gravity separation – stage flotation” process for simplifying mineral process, reducing equipment investment and avoiding environmental pollution.

Under the precondition of ensuring the optimal technological process and equipment index, Xinhai also considered the influence of water supply and drainage system and dust removal system on the environment. After complete sedimentation and clarification, overflow, filtrate and floor flushing water returns to water recycling tank for cyclic utilization; second, Xinhai used dry cloth bag dust removing technology to reduce the spread of dust. Each workshop and floor of belt corridor was flushed per shift, 6 litres of water for per square. And Xinhai set dust proof airtight cover at each material blanking point. In addition, the dust removal equipment was controlled automatically, and draught fan is chained to mineral processing equipment.

This project became the fastest construction of nonferrous metal mines in the history of Iran’s mining industry, which was hailed as the “China speed” of “One Belt And One Road”.

On July 27, 2017, Jafari-Salunni, vice-minister of Iran industrial mining and trade ministry, visited the construction site of Sharaf Abad gold project. Jafari-Salunni was very satisfied with the mine construction speed and project quality that dominated by Chinese team. He expressed his expectation that the project can be put into operation as soon as possible, and supported the investment in Iranian mining sector.

At present, reports Xinhai, “the processing capacity of raw ore is 350 t/d, 5,000 t of high-grade gold powder can be produced every year.”

Source:IM International Mining/John

Published: 12/21/17