26 - 28 Sep 2018

Tehran Goftegoo Park


Exhibitor profile:


Online game

Mobile game

Game development

IP publishing (casual games, sports games, shooting games, strategy games)

Technical cooperation


IP authorization

Animation production



Anime: Iran Government Ministry of Culture hopes to expand the anime cultural exchanges and trade with China based on the strategic theme of “One Belt, One Road”. And government is pursuing a number of animation project cooperation, such as the script associated with Iranian history and culture. Also Iranian government attaches great importance to the oriental culture propaganda, expect more animation works with Chinese characteristics into the Iranian market.

Game: According to the local agency of statistics show that Iran has a population of more than 80 million, mobile phone users area above 40 million, more than a quarter (about 25 million people) of the population in this region are gamers. In 2015, the expense of Iran's game was achieved $40 million in the APP Stores, It is estimated that the total amount will grow 15% in 2016. And for the terms of payment, the Iranian players also have a variety of convenient options, such as Shetab, SIM card, API (Application Programming Interface) etc. With regard to the huge market potential on Iran animation game industry. MIE Cultural department held international animation and game expo, which committed to promoting the cooperation and communication between China and Iran, also help Chinese animation game companies into the Iran market.

China Supplier:

Excellent original animation and game productioncapacity, rich experience in overseas distribution