26 - 28 Sep 2018

Tehran Goftegoo Park


Exhibitor Profile:

simple devices

tongue depressors

medical thermometers

disposable gloves

advanced devices

computers which assist in the conduct of medical testing, implants, and prostheses


The pharmaceutical industry in Iran began in its modern form in 1920 when the Pasteur Institute of Iran was founded. Iran has a well-developed pharmaceutical production capability, however, the country still relies on imports for raw materials and many specialized drugs. In 2009, Iran exported $74 million worth of "medical products" to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Russia.

Total healthcare spending is expected to rise from $24.3 billion in 2008, to $50 billion by 2013, reflecting the increasing demand on medical services. Total health spending was equivalent to 4.2% of GDP in Iran in 2005, 73% of all Iranians have health care coverage.

China suppliers:

Quality-operate and comply with internationally recognized quality systems,producing in a transparent and auditable environment
Reliability-vincent medical maintains strict protocols for controlling all aspects of the manufacturing process and fiercely protects intellectual property
Innovation-constantly search for advances in product application technology with our clients and research partners to improve upon product function, clinical outcomes, and a competitive advantage.