26 - 28 Sep 2018

Tehran Goftegoo Park

High-tech infrastructure & construction materials

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Intelligent light-control system

Intelligent housing system

Energy engineering systems

Energy architectural and planning solutions

Devices and structures

Hoisting Machinery

Compactor; Earthmoving Machinery

Pavement Machinery


Logistic Machinery

Mining Machinery

Heavy Truck & Special Vehicle

Agricultural Machinery

Spare Parts and building based products


landscape architecture

to that of plastic based products and services associated with this field



The construction industry of Iran is divided into two main sections. The first is government infrastructure projects,  which are central for the cement industry.  The second is  the housing industry.In recent years,  the construct ionindustry has been thriving due to an increase in national and international investment to the extent  that it is  now the largest in the Middle Eastregion. The annual turn over in the  construction  industry amounts to US$38.4  billion.  The real  estate sector  contributed  to 5% of GDP in 2008.Statistics from March 2004 to March 2005 put the number of total Iranian households  at  15.1 million and the total number of dwelling units at 13.5 million, signifying  a demand for at least  5.1 million  dwelling units.  Every year there  is a need for  750,000 additional  units as young couples embark  onmarried life.At present, 2000 units are being  built every day although  this needs to increase to 2740  units. Iran's construction market will expand to $154.4 billion in 2016 from $88.7 billion in 2013.

China Supplier:

-low maintenance


-design according to customer specification for single and multiple molds spinning

-durable material and parts chosen according to customer specification

-custom made machine to conform to customer's needs

-high productivity ar minial energy consumption

-minial vibration during operation