26 - 28 Sep 2018

Tehran Goftegoo Park

Smart electronics

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Technology start-ups

Consumer electronics

Ministry of Information and Communication Technology



Intelligent light-control system

Intelligent housing system

Intelligent temperature controlling


The cancellation of the economic sanctions brings Iran moreopportunities to develop its domestic consume for smart electronics. In 2010, Iran’s civilianelectronic products market was about $8 billion and reached to $10.7 billion inthe year of 2014. And now, the demand for electronic products especially smartelectronic is increase rapidly since the young people occupied more than thehalf of the Iranpopulation. Also, Iran is among the first five countries which have had a growth rate of over 20 percent andthe highest level of development in telecommunication. Iranhas been awarded theUNESCOspecial certificate for providingtelecommunication services to rural areas. By the end of 2009, Iran’stelecommarket was the fourth-largest market in the region at $9.2 billion and is expected to grow to $12.9 billion by 2014 at aCAGRof 6.9 percent.

China Supplier:

With more and more cooperation between China and Iran, Chinese smart electronics products with strictquality,

good reputation and brand effect owns more edge in this area. Ownership advantages are the firm's  specific

assets, international experience, and theability to develop either low-cost or differentiated products within the contacts of its value chain. Internationalization advantages are the benefitsof retaining a core competence within the company and threading it though thevalue chain rather than obtain to license, outsource, or sell it.