19th - 22nd Sep 2017

Shahre Aftab International Exhibition Center

Iran And Persian Gulf Retail Buyers To Get Direct Access To Chinese Manufacturers

Iran will host China TradeWeek-Iran from 22nd to 24th, September, 2016 at Tehran Municipality's Specialized Exhibition Centre, Iran for the first time.

This leading event will feature Chinese manufacturing companies looking to

Connect and do business with and supply local and regional sourcing, buying

and purchasing professionals from theIran and Persian Gulf's retail chain

stores, wholesalers and import export organizations.

After having settled Iran interim and Iran reached an agreement with the US, and it isnow open for business again.Iran is a major regionaland middle power,exerting considerable influence in international energy security and the world economy through its large reservesof fossil fuels,which include the largest natural gas supply in the world and thefourth-largest proven oil reserves.

Iran is China’smost main abroad market, importing overseas project contracting, technology andsets of equipment. In 2000, bilateral trade volume between Iran and Chinareaches $2.4868 billion, in which China imports to $1.773 billion,exports of $713 million, which is a new record. In 2013, bilateral trade volumehas completed $39.542 billion, whose growth race is 8.43%. In the first half of2014, the bilateral trade volume is $26.875 billion, almost 50% higher than thesame period of last year. According to China'sministry of commerce statistics, at the end of June, 2014, China's total investment stock in Iran is $3.492 billion while there is $108million stock of Iran'sinvestment in China.

There are many small to large retail companies in the Persian Gulf who would like to source a wide variety of products directly from mainland China rather than through middle men or agents. The cost of sourcing a reliable

manufacturer in China can be considerable. Generally this type of sourcing is done via the internet, which has its own inherent risks, or by visiting China.

The 2016 China Trade Week-Iran will feature a wide variety of categories encompassing just about

every type of product that any retail outlet might need to source, in a number of key areas including: home electrical and electronics, kitchenware, homeware and furnishings, gifts and toys, sports equipment, leisure products, health and beauty products, office equipment and furniture, luggage and travel equipment, lighting, clothing and textiles, fashion accessories, ceramics and glassware and automotive parts and accessories.