19th - 22nd Sep 2017

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Chinese Gift Exchange Ideas

Ritualized gift exchanges have been a part of Chinese culture for centuries. When visiting someone's home, you traditionally take a gift. Many of those same gifts maywork well during a western-style gift exchange. In other cases, Chinese giftsmay be more appropriate.

Fine Fruit
A traditional gift is very high-end fruit. This includes exceptionally largeapples and Asian pears, boxed and individually wrapped. In some cases you maybe able to buy a single piece of fruit. Sometimes the fruit will have a stencilon it with a Chinese character for luck or wealth to lighten the color of thefruit peel during growth.

Boxed Drinks
Another common Chinese gift, often available in Chinese or other Asian marketsare boxes of canned drinks. Popular drinks include canned iced coffee, teas,fruit juices, and coconut juice. These types of gifts are so common that manysoft drink manufacturers specially package their products in gift boxes inauspicious colors like red and yellow.

Seasonal Foods
When available, seasonal foods like moon cakes can be a good gift. Finepackaged and sealed moon cakes can keep for months, thus increasing theiravailability for gift-giving. As with drinks, many seasonal food manufacturerscreate gift boxes to encourage the giving of their products.


Jade can be good for a gift exchange. Although fine jade can cost tens ofthousands of dollars, inexpensive jade can cost $5 to $10. You can findinexpensive jade in some Asian markets, Chinese gift shops, or through manyonline merchants. Brightly-colored, inexpensive jades are often dyed. Naturalinexpensive jades are often gray or white, with some having brown or yellowstreaks.