26 - 28 Sep 2018

Tehran Goftegoo Park

Welch Materials, Inc

Welch Materials was established in 2003 in Shanghai, China. We are experts on bonding chemistry and innovative packing materials for chromatography applications. Through the optimal utilization of our resources, we have developed many innovative chromatographic consumable products, including HPLC columns, Prep column, SPE products, QuEChERS, GC columns, and Flash columns. UltisilTM, Welchrom®, Xtimate®, Topsil® and BoltimateTM are registered trademarks of Welch Materials. Over the past years, these high quality products have become widely accepted by analytical chemists in many countries, especially in China, US, and Europe. HPLC system Wisys 5000 and Ghost-buster column are newly introduced.